How to send spoofed emails – 3 Easy Methods

What is spoofed emails? and How to send Them?

It is a type of cyber attack which is used in phishing and spam. When you spoof a email the it has been changed to seem as if it was sent from a trusted source. The type of goal for this type of attack could be tricking the victim into trusting the email sender and sending information or whatever the goal may be from the attacker. So How to send spoofed emails? We will show you 3 different and simple methods you can use and learn from.

Email spoofing is the creation of email messages with a forged sender address.

Method 1. Sendmail

What is Sendmail? Sendmail is utilized for email routing. It upholds various types of email transfer and mail delivery strategies, in which SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is utilized to move messages over the Internet.

Step 1. Sign up for smtp2go

Step 2. Open terminal and type in: sendmail -f -t -u Please Send Your Updated Information -m We need to update your records please send us your ID and SSN and Address -s -xp -xp Dragonfire123

How to send spoofed emails


  • f Spoof Email
  • t Target Email
  • u Email Subject
  • m Body Text
  • s smtp information
  • xu register email
  • xp password

Step 3. You have successfully sent the email.

Method 2. SETOOLKIT – Email Attack

What is SETOOLKIT? It is a social Engineering Tool Kit is coding in python and is a open source project. Its creator Dave Kennedy has added a lot of functionality to this wonderful tool including:

  • Web Attacks
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Mailer Attack
  • Infect Media Generator
  • Generate Payload and Listener

This tool can be used on Linux, Windows and Unix. It includes to Fast Track Penetration Testing as well as supports third party modules. Their are many attacks in SETOOLKIT such as: Power-shell Attack Vector, Qr-code Attack, Spear Phishing, Web Attacks and many more.

Step 1. Type in terminal: setoolkit

How to send spoofed emails

Step 2. Chose Social-Engineering Attacks

Step 3.Select Mass Mailer Attack

Email Spoofing

Step 4. Select E-Mail Attack Single Email Address


Step 5. Enter the Targets Email


Step 6. You can choose from either one that works with you. I have chosen to use my own.


Step 7. Add the email you wish to show as from

How to send spoofed emails

Step 8. Enter relay if you want i have left it blank

How to send

Step 9. Fill in SMTP information


Step 10. Enter Email Subject


Step 11. Enter yes or no for priority.

How to send spoofed emails

Step 12. Fill out all information for Body Text of email

spoofed emails

Step 13. Enter the word END when you have completed the body text on a new line

How to send spoofed emails

Step 15. You have successfully sent the e-mail!

Method 3.

There are many web apps online that provided free spoof email services below i have added a few for you to choose from:



Final Thoughts on How to send spoofed emails:

Hope you enjoyed this article about How to send spoofed emails if you would like to see more methods of sending spoofed emails please let us know!

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